1. The Referral program is organised by Safe Claims Ltd regsitered at Kemp House 152 – 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX.
  2. The purpose of the programin is the effective recommendation of our services to new customers.
  3. Rules of participation in the Program specify these terms and conditions.4. Questions and concerns related to the program may be addressed via e-mail at [email protected]


  1. The Program is designed for all adults, possessing legal capacity. The Organizer does not limit an access to the program territorially.
  2. Participation in the program is voluntary.
  3. Providing personal data to the extent specified in the regulations is not mandatory, but necessary to participate in the program.
  4. To participate in the program should include: your name, e-mail address, telephone number, and current correspondence address.
  5. Personal data should be gen by either filling out a form available at http://omniclaim.co.uk/pt/voucher/, by phone or email specified on the http://omniclaim.co.uk website.


  1. Main condition to access the program is sharing personal data of the recommended person (first name and surname, email address, phone number) by either filling out a form available at http://omniclaim.co.uk/pt/voucher/, by phone or email specified on the http://omniclaim.co.uk website.
  2. After filling in the form, the participant and the person Recommended accepts the rules and undertakes to obey them. The participant and the person Recommended gives a consent to the collection and processing of personal data and to communicate via telephone and e-mail.
  3. The Organizer is not responsible for wrongly or improperly completed registration form by a participant. Forms filled out incorrectly or improperly will not result in the accession to the program.
  4. The participant can join the program at any time.
  5. The participant can recommend unlimited number of people.6. The participant has the right to access their personal information and request changes, update or delete by written request addressed to the Organizer. Request deletion of personal data means the resignation from the participation in the program.


  1. Rewards for referring a new customer is granted only in case if the person Recommended uses the services of the organiser, will obtain the refund from the British Bank and pay the invoice for the work.
  2. Credit for referal is John Lewis voucher with a value of £ 25.
  3. The participant will receive the voucher by post to specified correspondence address.
  4. In case of outdated postal address/lack the organiser is not responsible for undelivered vouchers.
  5. The Voucher is not redeemable for other facilitation payments, there is no possibility of cash it.


  1. The promoter reserves the right to change these terms at any time. Change the terms of my policy will be made public on the website of the Organizer.
  2. The organizer may temporarily suspend the implementation of the programme or at any time decide to terminate the program, informing its participants through information posted on the website of the Organizer.