In compliance to the Data Protection Act, Safe Claims is committed to protecting the security and privacy of every personal information that our clients are sharing to us. Please go over our privacy policies. Should you object or decline to any of the terms stipulated below, please feel free to leave the site.


Why Do We Need to Collect Information From You?

Every time you visit our site and avail of our services, we will require you to provide some personal information. This information will help us perform our functions and to provide you better services. We need your personal data for the purpose of:

statistically analysing your current situation and come up with sound advice that can help you implement plans and monitor your financial progress

maintaining a database of clients that will allow us to improve our service better

sending documentation, receipts and news concerning your account

ensuring that the person we are dealing our business with is the legitimate owner of the account

monitoring the performance of the company’s employees and staff

keeping you updated with the new products and services we offer


When Can We Share Your Personal Information

Safe Claims Ltd assures its clients that we will not, by any means, share your information to any third party company, whether an affiliate or partner, for marketing purposes. However, we can be obliged to share your information externally in any of the following circumstances:

Authorized by owner of the information

Omni, together with all of its assets, is legally acquired by another company

Required by the court of law

If the information can compromise the interest of the company and its partners


Limitations of the Privacy Policy

We have exerted great efforts to protect our website from any malicious intrusions. However, we realize that just like any other sites, we can be vulnerable to cyber interference. External links that appear on the website is not covered under the protection of Safe Claims Ltd. You are fully responsible for whatever consequences that clicking on these links may lead into.


Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that websites may transfer to your disk upon visiting. Our website contains cookies that allows us to understand the activities of users that are visiting our site. It will also help us make necessary improvements to better serve our clients. You will be receiving a notification asking you to accept or refuse cookies. Should you refuse to accept cookies, you will have limited access to some portions of our site.

If you want to learn more about cookies, you may visit and Please do note that these are third party sites and are not under the control and security of Safe Claims Ltd.

If you do not want information about you being used in this way, you need to change the privacy settings in your browser:


Request for Personal Information

As our valued clients, we are giving you the option to request a copy of all the personal information that we have about you on our system at a minimal fee. You can request for corrections of inaccurate data in a form of writing on the address you can see below.


Changes in Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is consistently updated. It is the responsibility of the user of this site to check the privacy policy for any changes.


Contacting Us

You can contact us by writing to:

Safe Claims Ltd

Office 24
8-9 Rodney Road
Portsmouth PO4 8BF