Omni Claim team is committed to providing all of it’s customers an excellent service. Our colleagues have a positive and enlightened attitude which should be helpful in many cases regarding Omni Claim.

However, there are a number of ways we have adapted our financial services to make them accessible for everyone. Our staff is always there to give a helping hand in many answer queries and specific needs.

Read more about the facilities and services we can provide:

Visually impaired:

  • Our Claim Form Packs are in a large print. The telephone customer service is there to provide help in filling the form.
  • Our customer service is helpful in informing the customers about the procedures, privileges, rules and other frequently asked questions about Omni Claim activity.

Hearing impaired:

  • We are always willing to write things down in order to inform our customers about the key procedures, privilages, rules and actions regarding Omni Claim.
  • We are prepared to run all the process and answer all the queries via e-mail, so there is no need to use the telephone
  • If a person with a hearing loss wants to talk via telephone, we are confident to say, our customer service is skilled enough to provide a conversation in a clear and comprehensible way.


  • For both Polish and English speakers we provide a helpdesk which is there to guide the customers and help them to understand the crucial issues of the Omni Claim activity.
  • For Polish speakers we provide an know-how instruction ( how to fill our Claim Form Pack correctly. The sheet is coloured to help the customers with dyslexia in reading the documents.