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Since 2014 we have reclaimed £20m for our clients with a success rate of 94.1%. What is the secret to our success? We fuse the knowledge of british reality with expert knowledge in law and finances.

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£2094 – Thats how many pounds we averagely reclaim for every client. We guarantee safety: We work under a specific condition: ‘no win, no fee’ , which means that we do not charge any expenses, if we don’t get you any compensation. For us your success is our greatest goal. We do all the paperwork, and the whole process goes through without any extra steps. All we need is your signature, we take care of the rest. What’s the effect? The compensation can be on your bank account in just few day from starting your claim.


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How do we recover bank fees?

Our dedicated team has a great deal of legal and financial experience, which helps during disputes about dishonestly charged bank fees.


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You can do it by filling out the form on our webpage or calling: 020 3740 5159. Our experts will answer any of your questions and will help you fill the form if there is any trouble. Remember: in order for us to help you all we need is 1 signature!

We bring the case to the bank.

Omni Claim legal department will prepare specific application and send it to your bank to review your case. From this moment on we are taking charge of formalities , deadlines and sending the documents. Whole process can take up to 6 weeks. We use experience and authority of our firm in contacts with british institutions.

Bank zwróci pieniądze na Twoje konto.

You will recover every paid penny with interest. You can now enjoy reclaimed money and lack of financial obligations. Your bank account will be changed for a free one.
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Questions and answers:

How long does it take to get my money back?

According to official rules, bank has 6 weeks for answering our claim. Usually the case closes within first 3 weeks of making the claim.

How much money does the bank owe me?

There are no static amount that you can get. Everything depends on how long the bank was taking fees from your bank account and how much they took every month. Average claim from december was 2094£. There are of course higher recoveries that surpass even 3000£.

Let’s say that you were using your insurance on repairing your broken phone . Does it cross out your chances in getting the money back? Of course NOT! You can still try to claim back your money, although the amount that you will get will be smaller according to how much money was used on the service.

How were banks deceiving their clients?

You can categorize banks bad habits into 2 groups.

Packaged Bank Accounts(PBA) – which means fees for having your bank account and extra services. Unfortunately it is very common for british consultants to chose for their clients the more expensive, widened option that includes additional services. What services? For example travel insurance , phone insurance , life insurance. Health insurance, towing services.In many cases clients are unwillingly paying for a bank account that can be free and for services that they don’t use.

Payment Protection Insurance(PPI) – which is an insurance for loans that helps you pay it in case you get sick , lose your job or have an accident.This service is often added to the clients loan without their knowledge or in some cases, when the use of this particular service was impossible. Many clients even now doesn’t know that they were paying PPI for years.Others when they wanted to use their insurance, only had a return information that in their cases it’s impossible to use it making it worthless.

How much does it cost to get Omni Claims help?

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In Omni Claim we charge you a fee only if we get your money back! Our commision is 25% of the returned amount +VAT.We can proudly say that our effectiveness is 94.1% won cases.We do not charge any extra or hidden fees. Filling out forms and contact with our consultants are completely free!

We want you to be sure that we care as much as you do about the success of your fight with the bank.

I have a free bank account, can i get my money back?

If you have a free bank account , but you are using or used their loan services , there is always a chance that you were charged with a fee for PPI.It’s worthwhile to check that as well.


We are leaders in recovering dishonestly charged fees for so called Packaged Bank Account. In Omni Claim there are only professionals, who - just like you - know british reality. We make a harmonious team and we believe, that team effort can win with every bank.

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